Version 2.1 of The Simple Coaching Model, an Update

I have updated the Simple Coaching Model to have the following changed:
  • More generic naming: The last stage of Coaching has been renamed from to "Feedback" to "Reflect". This has been done since there might be situations that a feedback is not appropriate. A reflection is a more general term. As an example in cases that you want to coach a person on performance, a reflection on accountability is much better word than feedback.
  • Simpler model: I have moved away from using a gear wheel symbol to a more flow based figure. The gear wheel can be interpreted as ups and downs that needs to fill each other, or adding more complexity,
  • New set of sample Questions: I have added another set of sample questions. The first set can be used when you are coaching a person (as in life coaching or personal coaching. The second set is more toward the performance coaching (as in coaching on a specific subject).