Introduction to Simple Coaching Model

The Simple Coaching Model is developed by Shahin Sheidaei. It's version 1.0 has been presented to the public on January 2017. The goal of this model is to making coaching-like conversations easier, help people to get better at coaching and ultimately to have a very simple model to rely on for their coaching conversations. The current version of the model is v2.0.

The Simple Coaching Model

In the short period of introduction, The Simple Coaching Model received great testimonials, such as:

Fabulously surprised this was an interactive session! Thank you! ~ Scrum Master - April 2017

It was a great presentation. Very practical coaching method that can be put to use immediately. ~ MBA - April 2017

The session was very helpful and fun as well. Thanks! ~ Lead Software Engineer - March 2017

Excellent talk, I really enjoyed not teaching but allowing people to explore on their own. ~ Organizational Designer - January 2017

Most engaging session I've participated in for a while! Loved your pacing. Could have made the difference between coaching and managing clear. ~ Team Lead - January 2017

Fabulously surprised this was an interactive session! Thank you! ~ Innovation leader - January 2017

The latest version of The Simple Coaching Model can be found below. It is part of the handouts Shahin give to the audience at the "Effective Yet Effortless Coaching" sessions. If you like to learn more about the model, you can reach out to Shahin. He will be glad to have a chat with you.

You can find more about the different versions of The Simple Coaching Model by visiting the Archive page.

Handout for The Simple Coaching Model V2.0